A Picture worth a thousand words!  Check out this Infograph of what’s what in the GTA and #the6ix!

THE DECEMBER 2020 (COVID)HOUSING MARKET! The year 2020 was the THIRD HIGHEST year in sales EVER!

As for December 2020, Check out these “stand outs” as compared to December 2019: New Listings UP 66%. Sales UP by 65%.
In #the6ix: detached sales UP 42%. Semis sales UP 58%. and CONDO SALES UP 76% (tho’ prices took a 5% DIVE!).
So the winners in December 2020 were ECOM and REAL ESTATE. Just WOW! Need help this spring? That’s what I do. I wear 2 hats; “Personal Shopper” or “Chief Sales Officer” or BOTH! #don‘twaitforspring #doitnow #yourhouse #mywheelhouse




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- Kate Akman

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