"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." T. Roosevelt

When I decided to become a professional Realtor, I promised myself I would always remember how it felt when I was on the receiving end of more than one agent’s promise to outperform the competition, but who delivered nothing more than air! Let me tell you, I was devastated and discouraged.

Here’s what happened to me

When I received a promotion that required my husband and me to move from New York City to Vancouver, I had to sell my gorgeous brick Edwardian home. The first agent I found told me she had always wanted to sell my house. She gave me a whopping list price and asked if I would be ready to move out within the month. “This house will sell fast,” she said.

Four months later, nothing had happened. The Realtor came up with all kinds of excuses. The price was not appropriate for the market; the house was “too nice,” so people couldn’t imagine living there with their own belongings. She even suggested that we should empty it or slash the price.

Fed up, I hired another Realtor who thought the issue was the price. She hinted I had “erred” in my first choice of Realtors. By then, I had moved to my new position in Vancouver and left my husband all alone to handle the sale, which included keeping the beds made, dishes done and dogs out of the house. It was overwhelming, to say the least!

Finally, it was sold. By that time we were frustrated and worn-out. My husband was exhausted and we just wanted to move on! Sound familiar?

I’ve learned from the mistakes of other Realtors.

Now that I am a professional Realtor, I promise you that when we start our journey together, you will know the all the facts about the market. During the process you will be treated fairly, warmly, patiently and with integrity. By the end of our transaction, we will achieve the highest results possible, in the shortest time and with the least stress. I promise to deliver on this promise to you!

My Clients Have the FIRST word and the FINAL say!

“We got it! We got it! The house of our dreams! It’s officially OURS! Thank you Jill! If anyone needs a killer, no BS realtor in Toronto, Jill Lubinski is your woman!”

- Kate Akman

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