Breaking News Toronto First-time Home Buyers!

So this is long overdue…

Rebate to first time home buyers in Ontario will be DOUBLED from $2K to $4K which is a help….IF they can find something to buy (speaking to Toronto buyers, not to Guelph buyers).

This is LTT break is effective as of November 14th, so any transactions conducted before that date do not qualify.

And this will help parents of first time buyers too! cartoon_about_parents_buying_house_for_child_-_Google_Search

It is a welcome gesture from the government and will be paid for by buyers purchasing luxury homes in the province, who will now have to pay 2.5% (instead of 2%) on the amount over $2ML.  This new LTT will take effect January 2017.  I think that’s fair….what do YOU think?

Here is a comprehensive article for you to read…then LMK if you are ready to go shopping!

If you (or someone you know), are looking for a Realtor who cares MORE about focusing on you, your concerns, goals and the successful purchase or sale of YOUR unique home, than they care about their volume of transactions and awards, please let me know the best way for me to connect, as I would love to offer my highly personal service. Contrary to that old expression, not only IS this business, but it IS personal! And, please, I encourage you to ask me any questions you may have about this post. I value your input and appreciate the time you took to read it.



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