5 Reasons why Toronto home owners and buyers should not be in a “bubble” panic!  This is a good, well reasoned and balanced explanation of our housing market today.  Such articles are not easy to find, since the credo in journalism today tends more towards the principle that “if it bleeds, it leads”!  (much like the fear mongering press covering the US elections….though that would be warranted where the Republican convention in Cleveland is concerned!)

But here’s some more good news! (Sorry that’s how I roll and what I like to report about!).

From 2000 to 2015 the housing market has OUTPERFORMED the S & P.  Standard & Poor UP 50%..great!

Real Estate UP 75% over the same period.  Peak to trough equities DOWN 50%…Real Estate DOWN a mere 25%.

Bottom line:  Buy something REAL with your money.  ”

BUY LAND. They’re not making it any more!”  Mark Twain.



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