Is there an elephant in YOUR room?  When it comes time to have a serious conversation with your Realtor about buying or selling, we know you have some concerns that you may be reticent to voice.  But you should!  Here are the top 5 questions that I know my clients want answered.  But instead of MY responses, I thought I’d share WHAT MY CLIENTS SAY about my approach to your questions and concerns!  Below are some of their opinions of my work.


1. “How do you sell my home?”

“Without you keeping us on track, we would still be fumbling through this. Awesome Jill! Thank you so much for fighting for this one. To celebrate, I’m going to leave some dishes in the sink and NOT make the bed!”

– Jason McKersie

‘Jill, Thank you for the wonderful gift you gave our family for this holiday season…..our new home AND no headaches over the successful sale of our condo!”

-Slava Klems

“Jill, thank you for everything you did to find my wife and I the perfect nest to raise our young in and for us to grow old and grey in. It wouldn’t have been possible without your advice, honesty, attention to detail, and passion! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Simon Carmichael-Willis

2.“What do you do to make sure I purchase the right home for me?

“Jill combines real estate know-how, business acumen, patience and a caring nature. Throughout our search, on any day of the week, she actively referred us to listings, answered our countless questions, and never compromised on our vision of the ideal house… which we found and bought!”

– Sarah Rea

3.“Can I trust you?”

“I find that Jill is supreme in essence of service to her customers and the epitome of someone you know you can trust, time and time again. I am constantly delighted by Jill’s pursuit of truth, doing good, and good humour. And I would have absolutely no hesitation referring her to anyone interested in enjoying every minute of the process of buying or selling a home. You will not be disappointed.”

– Grace Churchill

4.“How are you different from other agents?”

“A huge thanks Jill, for all of your help and advice since last year. You have been so great and calm, providing us with great advice and prodding us when we needed it. I have appreciated that since we began this journey with you. We have never felt pressure from you, only support. I hope this is only the beginning of a long friendship!!”

– Heather and Marc

5.“Are you worth your commission?”

“Thank you for all your hard work for Maya and me. I realize that your job pays well, but you went well beyond the call of duty for us.”

– Heather and Maya Lotherington

If you (or someone you know), are looking for a Realtor who cares MORE about focusing on you, your concerns, goals and the successful purchase or sale of YOUR unique home, than they care about their volume of transactions and awards, please let me know the best way for me to connect, as I would love to offer my highly personal service. Contrary to that old expression, not only IS this business, but it IS personal! And, please, I encourage you to ask me any questions you may have about this post. I value your input and appreciate the time you took to read it.


My Clients Have the FIRST word and the FINAL say!

“We got it! We got it! The house of our dreams! It’s officially OURS! Thank you Jill! If anyone needs a killer, no BS realtor in Toronto, Jill Lubinski is your woman!”

- Kate Akman

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