Sales by mid February soared by 14% compared to same period last year! What fuelled these sales, though, were CONDOS!! Yes, that segment of the market that all the economists said we would have a glut …of (dangling participle excused)!

Average sale prices followed suit in the GTA and rose by 13% to $677.4K. In the city proper, however, the average sale price is now $720.8K (and this includes the generally more digestibly priced condos!).

Sales in 905 area code still outpace sales in the city by 2:1 ….there is still supply in 905.

Here are some pretty staggering numbers:

Condo sale prices in Toronto rose by 16% compared to 2015.

Condo sales soared by another 22%

The average detached house in the city costs $1.2ML up 13% compared to last mid Feb.

The average semi-detached house in the city now costs $883K a WHOPPING 23% increase.

I suppose we don’t know how high is too high until we get there! For the moment, there is only one direction in the Toronto housing market…UP!

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