Elections, politics and finances are at the forefront of our news these days. Normally, we are on similar platforms with out biggest trading partner. But these are not “normal” times.
In Justin Trudeau’s father’s day, Pierre used to compare our relationship with the U.S like sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly and even-tempered we are affected by every grunt and twitch. But we’ve come a long way baby!

Not only did we not jump down the rabbit hole of the 2008 recession to NEARLY the level that the U.S. did and were self correcting within 6 months of the collapse of Wall Street, but our governance and rules and regs set by our financial institutions are firmly rooted in our ability to remain financially solid. The oversight by our government also “discourages” Bay Street’s potential temptation to take short cuts that don’t favour the consumer.

Our housing market did not collapse either. We have some “soft spots” currently, (Calgary, Edmonton) but not through smoke and mirrors bundling of ABC paper and Ninja Loans….but because of low oi prices. Flip side of this is LOW looney. Foreign investors see opportunities and buying homes creates local industry, jobs and support of local economy.

And now we are not following the U.S Feds and raising interest rates either. We have a different course to follow according to Mr. Poloz.

And let’s not even get started on the difference between the debates and the quality of leadership in the race to the top position of President or Prime Minister. There too, we diverge…big time!

As a result of our carefully thought out plans for future growth and prosperity, we are also considered in the top 10 Global cities to live and invest.

So the start to 2016 is filled with promise for Canadians. The resultant consumer confidence is also good for buying and selling and investing in our homes. Foreign buyers know that too.

Now is a good time for your Realtor to appraise your home. You should know how well you’ve done, shouldn’t you? Giving accurate opinions of value is one of my specialties.

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