Conservative gov’t pledges to spend $500K on correlating ethnicity with speculative purchasing in Canada to address heated housing market…Now that is a slippery slope if ever I saw one!

First, there are only a few cities in the country who are experiencing upward pressure on home pricing….this is not a NATIONAL phenomenon.

Second, ethnicity is SO THE WRONG METRIC….residency, citizenship get closer…

Third, many properties “sit” empty for many months of the year in cities like Vancouver…but not because non citizens are “hogging the market”…but because, like Canadian Snowbirds who own in Florida…are only there a few months of the year.

Fourth…what would the paltry sum of $500K discover?? It took $20 MILLION of taxpayers’ money to discover there were $1MILLION worth of “expense irregularities” in the Senate!!

Maybe that $500K could go toward supporting indigenous women and Children? No?…oh well.

Click on the article below and then tell me what YOU think? Is it a good idea to “profile” Canadian home purchasers?

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