What Does Your Website Say About YOU??

I hope this Blog has something to say to more than just me! For those of us who manage our own sites because we want to “own” the content for better or for worse, there are rewards from time to time! The objective for such “micro managing” is that one wants the experience for the lead, prospect or client to be “seamless”…..that what you read on the site, and the person you meet face to face are congruent. Well look what happened to me…this woman saw me on a CTV National News clip last week. She has not seen me in 40 years! She went to my website and this is what she emailed to me:

“I love your marketing! In fact after looking at your website, it gave me an energy boost and I spent the whole entire day yesterday on website work I had been putting off since before the holidays! I sent a whole bunch of material to my website guy and feel so relieved and happy. Amazing how light and airy I feel today! So thank you!”

There is no better feeling when someone tells you they appreciate your “art”. And since you ARE the brand, they are also telling you “they like YOU”! Bonus points for inspiring someone to go to their site and get excited about creating THEIR art…so their tribe likes THEM!

Get excited! Get to work on YOUR art! Call/text/email/ping/poke/tweet if you need help…Your “House Whisperer’s office is never closed!

My Clients Have the FIRST word and the FINAL say!

“We got it! We got it! The house of our dreams! It’s officially OURS! Thank you Jill! If anyone needs a killer, no BS realtor in Toronto, Jill Lubinski is your woman!”

- Kate Akman

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