In order to be worthy of a Referral you need to have accomplished the following for your client:
You provided a safe, fun and worthwhile experience. You produced something remarkable. You listened. You solved their problems. You surprised and delighted your clients. You delivered on your promised value.

As a Realtor at Chestnut Park Real Estate, I am a yearly and grateful recipient of their top awards for Outstanding Sales Performance. I am also one of a DISTINCT MINORITY of Realtors in Canada to earn the prestigious MCNE designation (Master Certified Negotiation Expert) to serve my clients better.

However, my greatest accomplishments have been the tremendous feedback I’ve received from my clients, so I’ll let them do the talking:

Hi Jill, I want you to know that we completely look to you for advice in this whole process. From day one you have been so attentive and so thorough and thoughtful with all the very relevant information you send to us. Even though you know we are not quite ready to list and buy, […]

-Strachan McKersie

Thank you, Jill,  for your great work, and helping us through this process.  It’s the first time we’ve sold something with an agent, and it was great to work with a trusted friend 🙂

-Keltie and Ridley Doolittle

“Jill, thank you for everything you did to find my wife and I the perfect nest to raise our young in and for us to grow old and grey in. It wouldn’t have been possible without your advice, honesty, attention to detail, and passion! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

-Simon Carmichael-Willis and Lana Goja

“You must know that we absolutely love you… you are a part of the family. You are the very best and we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking. I will be singing your praises from the rooftops. I think I speak for both of us when I say that you are our […]

-Betty and George Ellinidis

“Jill, thanks for your amazing service, patience, guidance and counsel. While we aren’t planning another move for a while, we would definitely love to work with you again.”

-Debbie Davis and Jim Henderson

“Tony and I have always been proud of the way you represented us from day one and the fact that you don’t belittle our situation or “baggage” when you present our offers. That is something we definitely appreciate about you and your style!”

-Merzana and Tony Papadopoulous

Well, the search is over and who knew that we would buy what we did! Only you!! I guess that’s why you are so fantastic at what you do! Thanks so much for being so open minded and sending us everything that you felt was suitable for our family. We really are excited to move […]

-Kathy and Nick Adair

“No matter how many (tens) of houses we’ve seen together you always wore a smile, optimistic that we’ll find the right one. And we found it indeed; and then grace to your diligence we were able to sell ours quickly also. Thank you!”

-Lacra and Sandy Pavel

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