In order to be worthy of a Referral you need to have accomplished the following for your client:
You provided a safe, fun and worthwhile experience. You produced something remarkable. You listened. You solved their problems. You surprised and delighted your clients. You delivered on your promised value.

As a Realtor at Chestnut Park Real Estate, I am a yearly and grateful recipient of their top awards for Outstanding Sales Performance. I am also one of a DISTINCT MINORITY of Realtors in Canada to earn the prestigious MCNE designation (Master Certified Negotiation Expert) to serve my clients better.

However, my greatest accomplishments have been the tremendous feedback I’ve received from my clients, so I’ll let them do the talking:

    “Jill, I absolutely would recommend you to my family and friends!  When I began my search for my Realtor, I wanted someone who was very passionate…not just about the sale…but about making the right connections to find the right family to enjoy our home during its next journey.  You had the passion to […]

-Vicki Bradley

“Hey Jill, I wish I’d met you before we listed my aunt’s property!  I’m annoyed…beyond annoyed!……. Your website and how you take of your clients is awesome! Many of my Toronto clients hire me before they have an agent in mind. They want their place looking good before they interview/choose their agent,  so I am […]

-Anne B

“No matter how many (tens) of houses we’ve seen together you always were with a smile, optimistic that we’ll find the right one. And we found it indeed; and then grace to your diligence, we were able to sell ours quickly also. Thank you!”

-Sandy and Lacra Pavel

“Jill, My assessment of your strong attributes: Knowledgeable and personable. Great at listening and building relationships. Willing to do the necessary work to find the right combinations to consummate a sale. A high energy, seasoned and experienced individual that brings all of the past skills into play in each working relationship. Very results oriented. Willing […]

-Ron Aelick

“Jeff  A beautiful/descriptive/compelling presentation prepared by a Professional/experienced Realtor that makes all of our Realtors here in Cleveland, past and present, look like amateurs.  You have chosen wisely in hiring Jill ”

-Lawrence Machesky

“Jill combines real estate know-how, business acumen, patience and a caring nature. Throughout our search, on any day of the week, she actively referred us to listings, answered our countless questions, and never compromised on our vision of the ideal house- which we found and bought!”

-Sara Rea

“Huge thanks Jill for all of your help and advice since last year. You have been so great and calm, providing us with great advice and prodding us when we needed it. I have appreciated that since we began this journey with you I (we) have never felt pressure from you, only support.  I hope […]

-Heather and Marc Lakmaaker

‘Jill, Thank you for the wonderful gift you gave our family for this holiday season…..our new home AND no headaches over the successful sale of our condo!”

-Slava Klems

“Hi Jill, Just so you know….During our long quest for the “perfect” property, your patience and grace were truly remarkable. Your dedication to our search was appreciated. It took us a while to figure out what we really wanted, but each step of the way, you made our task easier. Thank you for all that […]

-Colette Rutherford

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