No bad news is good news?  I guess so.  The market is “behaving” in Toronto (as opposed to the 905 region, which is “struggling” to be sure).  So here are the facts:

*October 2018 sales UP by 6% compared same period last year.  GN

*Average sale prices inched up only 3.5% to $807K   GN

*New listings DOWN by 3%  BN (Sales have been outpacing new listings for 5 months in a row now).  Supply is sorely needed PARTICULARLY in the city where we have only 1.9 months of inventory. BN


*Condo sales UP 3% (VS by 13% in 905.) why the gap? because we are selling from an “empty cart” AND because the difference in average sale prices are $603K in the 416 vs $461K in 905.  More supply there and definitely more affordable.

*Condo prices in the city rose by more than 8% compared to last year…showing low supply applying upward pressure on prices sparked by so much demand to live in the city if possible…vs commuting.


*Detached homes in the city cost on average: $1.3 ML  In the CORE of Toronto? $2ML

*Semi ‘s in the city? $1ML   In the core…almost $1.4ML

*Condo’s in the city? $603K   In C01 (where the vast majority of sales take place) in the city core? $1ML BN

If you want something more “digestibly” priced….start looking in the YORK REGION…(I can help with that).


Since the 2 major markets that make all the GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS headlines are Toronto and Vancouver, I thought I would share a REAL tale of 2 cities!

*Vancouver metro sales DOWN BY 35% (27% BELOW the 10 year average in sales for October)

*New listings UP by another 7.4%…so LOTS OF TIME for buyers to NOT give you your asking price.

*Total inventory for our western friends is now SWOLLEN to 42% above October 2017.

All that said,

1  Their average sale prices for all categories of housing are 40% higher than ours.

2  Detached houses are 67% more expensive than ours.

3. Condos cost on average 35% more.

So, some perspective dear citizens.

PS: I don’t usually get “political” in my housing reports…but I just thought if I made a difference in ONE person’s mind about “to vote or NOT to vote”? Well I thought it was more than worth the diversion from my reporting norm.

And, no, I’m not applying for a sales position in the US…but I thought the LARGER message might resonate with those of you who are thinking about the next big move in your lives.






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