Laneway Housing…are you for it or agin it?

Is it possible laneway housing could be one viable solution to Toronto’s housing shortage?

Are you concerned, if allowed, as Vancouver permits, that people won’t all build with intregrity like the architects in the Globe article below?

Are you worried your neighbourhood would look like “shanty town” with laneway housing?

Isn’t it just possible that if those of you, who have garages on a laneway, could build a residence above the garage, that the value of your property might increase exponentially?

We know that Toronto’s planning department has been stalling for years over whether to grant permits for laneway housing which would expand the city’s housing supply by a good 5%.

But the reason is probably not logistical.  It is likely “cultural” and Toronto is  typically late in the game when it comes to imaginative thinking in Urban Planning and moving forward from the “bleeding edge” to the “LEADING edge” of city design meeting city form and function.

What is YOUR opinion on laneway housing?  I’d love to know.

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