The business of Real Estate is NOT for the faint of heart. Let me give you an example of “A day in the life of this Toronto Realtor”.

I met this charming young couple at one of my open houses and we “connected” really well. We had a lengthy conversation about what they were looking for, and although this particular listing, a condo, was not for them, they accepted my offer to show them some other homes on the market that I thought might fit their needs. We made a date for the following week and I prepared to set up a tour of potentials for them.

Just before I was about to send the “tour” to them, I received the following email:

“Hi Jill,
Because we had worked with a couple of other real estate agents before you, and one was a friend of a friend, I am feeling funny about the whole issue of committing to one agent. I was very interested in seeing the Cabbagetown property that you had sent us (which was unique to Chestnut Park), and if I am interested in anything else that you send me, I would of course stick with you. But, my friend of a friend has also been sending me listing, so I am feeling “stuck in the middle”!
Your thoughts? I thought I would be up front about this.”

So, I thought carefully about my response, because I do understand how “conflicted” many buyers are about the “C” word…you know …COMMITMENT.

After a few moments, I sent the following email back to my prospective couple:

Jill Lubinski <>

to Sarah
I so appreciate your candour. Good for you!

My first observation would be…sending listings is one thing…something we all do from our desk, and is the start of an “investment” on our part. So have you gone out with this friend of a friend yet, and has she/he built up a profile on you and Jim etc terms of time taken for researching your future. I ask this only to determine the “depth” of your rapport so far.

If the playing field is indeed a “level” one in your minds..then, really you should decide for BOTH our benefits, whom you feel you would prefer to work with..

Aspects to evaluate are your “connection” with your realtor, their quick response, the Brokerage leverage,(Chestnut Park # 1 in the city)…How well do they manage your expectations which requires a good listener who interprets your needs quickly and accurately. You need someone who is there for you when you need them, and who can negotiate the fairest deal possible for you. You need to know them, like them and TRUST them…and it doesn’t hurt to have some FUN along the way.

What would happen for example if we BOTH sent you the same listing?? What would you do then? This is one reason you should work with one person and I soooo hope that one person is me!! :>)

Sarah, if you’d like to speak with ANY of my former clients…they would be HAPPY to talk with you…I’m very fortunate to have worked with and for some of the nicest people in the world!!

Look forward to hearing from you!!

Best always!!
jill ”

I decided that was all I could do and that I would patiently wait for the results with the hopes, of course, that I would hear back with a positive message. If not, well, onward and upward!

And then, 3 or 4 days later, I received the following email from Sarah.

“Dear Jill,
We went out to the Danforth house on Fenwick this morning with the other realtor (the friend of the colleague), and we didn’t have as great an experience with her as we have had with you, so we would like to stick with you! (I politely told her we have another friend we are sticking with.)

We are VERY interested in Fenwick and all of the streets around the park, but the house we saw was JUST a bit too small. It was also poorly insulated and cold in a couple of rooms. If we could find the same sort of detached house (perhaps a bit more modern/updated) with a bit more space for an office, a finished basement and a bigger yard — IN THAT AREA — we would be happy clams. Please let us know as soon as something pops up along the Danforth!

Annex, Little Italy and Bellwoods are still at the top of the list as well. Hillcrest area of St. Clair as well. We looked at the one on Winona, but it’s a bit too far west and just didn’t have the modern, open concept feel we are looking for.

Thanks, Jill!


P.S. A note is in the mail for you :)”

Of course I was delighted! I wrote back to them immediately, expressing my joy and appreciation.

“Sarah and Jim,
I’m thrilled to work with you both and I just can’t WAIT to find that perfect spot!! Thanks so much for your trust. We are going to have a great “decision journey” together…I just KNOW it!!
I’ll be in touch as soon as I see anything that fits the bill!!
Thanks again,

AND THE BEST PART? What a ride we had in finding that perfect house! We saw a TON of houses, when finally, during an Agent’s Open House on the property’s FIRST DAY ON MLS, we decided to pull the trigger. We had to draft a pre-emptive bid THAT MORNING and despite all the other bidders around us, WE GOT THE HOUSE!

Now 4 years later, they are still loving their gorgeous home, and we still laugh together over the intensely FUN ride we had getting them what they wanted AND so richly deserved!

And the BEST? This is how my client expressed her thanks for our journey together:

“Jill combines real estate know-how, business acumen, patience and a caring nature. Throughout our search, on any day of the week, she actively referred us to listings, answered our countless questions, and never compromised on our vision of the ideal house- which we found and bought!”

The business of Real Estate is NOT for the faint of heart. But it definitely has its rewards and I wouldn’t choose to do anything else. After all, I make a living at making people’s dreams come true. Who wouldn’t want that! So, how can I help YOU today?



  1. Love that story Jill…..and your adding those email exchanges was brilliant!! As a still relatively new agent, reading your post helps educate me and give me ammunition as I am faced with similar client encounters.

    Thanks for sharing Jill!!

    Marty Morua
    The Corcoran Real Estate Group

    • More than welcome Marty! Thank you for taking the time to read! and feel free to re share with anyone you think would benefit. We’re all in this together with an eye toward raising the bar on the level of service we aspire to offer our clients! Would love you to go to my site and sign up for my monthly news too! It will entertain you I’m sure, but more importantly educate you about Toronto so that when the day comes you know of someone who has the good sense to move here, you’ll feel confident I can help with that!
      Have a great season Marty! See you “on rounds”!

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