Click on the link for a wee video of the “Jolliest” street in the city!!

In this very polarized world, it truly warms the heart to see a community get together and create a scenario where one cannot help but be lifted in spirit and in mind!

Now, some people who view the world through the filter of a “glass half empty”…might view this as a lack of imagination or a lack of “out of the box” creativity.

But I, who am fully committed to the “glass overflowing with cock-eyed optimism”, see this as a group of homeowners, collectively committed to putting a smile on everyone’s face as they drive along Inglewood Ave in the beautiful community of Moore Park.

I will make a point of driving by regularly and often and I can’t WAIT to see the street once the snow falls!

I love where I live….shouldn’t you?

What are you planning with YOUR neighbours and friends this season? I’d love to know and feature YOUR “fine art” on my social platforms…so please, send me your ideas! In the meantime, enjoy this holiday season and one another!

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- Kate Akman

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