We all know that it takes a motivated Seller and a motivated Buyer to consummate a successful Real Estate transaction.  But the way agents act with one another and with their clients during the journey can also make a significant difference in the “feel good” aspect of the process, as well as with the end result (especially in the give/take aspect of the final negotiations!)

I recently represented the Buyers in the purchase of their first home and the Listing Agent (also the seller of the home) was a joy to work with.  During an “investigative” telephone call with him where I was gathering intel about the home, i mentioned how well the home showed and how evident it was that the sellers loved their home.  I was asking him to email me the pre list home inspection, which he did, but he did so much more.  He included all the upgrades he and his wife had done in the 7 years living there; he mentioned some of the ‘things to consider’ in the home inspection (new roof soon, new furnace soon etc) and he encouraged any questions to be sent freely to him.

Later that evening I rec’d this email:

“I want to let you know it was a true pleasure speaking with you tonight.  It’s rare that I come across your level of professionalism, sophistication and graciousnees in the Realtor World.  I am also an architect, (hence the minima, modern style preferences) and it meant a lot to hear your and your clients appreciation of our home”.

Needless to say, I felt the same way about his dealings with me and my clients; open, forthcoming, factual and generous in time and effort he put in to have my clients be as informed as they could possibly be, in order to make a decision to purchase, or not.

As he also said, “some things about our industry are quite wonderful…for instance, the kind of people one gets to meet”!  I wholly agree with that statement!  Oh, and BTW…my clients DID buy this house and they can’t WAIT to move in!  And the sellers have OFFERED to meet with my clients to share the history of the house, through photos, to illustrate how far the house has come along in its “make over”…

I love this business! and I’m so fortunate to work for and with so many kind people!

My Clients Have the FIRST word and the FINAL say!

“We got it! We got it! The house of our dreams! It’s officially OURS! Thank you Jill! If anyone needs a killer, no BS realtor in Toronto, Jill Lubinski is your woman!”

- Kate Akman

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