“As soon as a couple files for divorce, you instantly form a business relationship. When a home is inolved, that is most certainly the case. Although is is very difficult to keep emotions in check, it is imperative that divorcing couples become partners in the business of home ownership” – Scott Hayes

Divorce issues and homeownership issues in Toronto are the same as anywhere else; the process can be excruciating. Divorce alone is painful enough. Selling a home alone is stressful enough. So when you combine the two, well, you need the right person to help you…one with EXTREME empathy to be sure.


* If you have to sell your home because of a divorce, try to keep those emotions in check. Keep your eyes on the prize and compartmentalize those feelings of rage, resentment, pain…whatever they are that can impede your ability to be positive, pragmatic and smart about your real estate sale. The process of selling a home under these conditions can be excruciating! Don’t let that happen to you.

* If you can take the time to separate out the timing of your divorce and perhaps put your home on the market LATER…when you’ve both had a chance to have cooler minds prevail, then do so.

* Hire a patient and empathetic (and DISCREET) real estate agent in Toronto who can truly put your needs first and keep you at arms length from your emotions. She will help you do the right thing for all of your sakes (for you, your spouse and your children).

Toronto Real Estate Agents:

* Don’t judge the couple! You don’t have to have had divorce in your own life to be qualified to help; you DO need to be able to put yourself in their position, however, and you NEED to be patient and understanding.

* Stay neutral! Your clients need to have a “voice of reason” in their midst. You need to be at arm’s length from the emotional battle, yet understanding the tension that prevails.

* Be discreet! Do your best to camouflage the divorce situation…Buyers who suspect a divorce could assume that “speed and ANY offer will do” is the order of the day! Our job is to ensure that our price is fair, competitive and will stand up against comparable product in this competitive market where Chestnut Park, for example, is such a leading player!

I have more than one client who finds themselves in this unfortunate position currently, and I do feel their pain. It is my job, however, to help them through this transition with as little stress and as much positivity as possible…and with Great Results.

If you need help, I’m Your Toronto Real Estate Agent at Chestnut Park!

My Clients Have the FIRST word and the FINAL say!

“We got it! We got it! The house of our dreams! It’s officially OURS! Thank you Jill! If anyone needs a killer, no BS realtor in Toronto, Jill Lubinski is your woman!”

- Kate Akman

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