Mid August 2016 stats are still stunning!

Sales were UP by almost 15% compared to the same period last year! But don’t think that the city is all of a sudden going through a surge of new inventory. No, no…

66% of those sales took place in 905!!  81% of the detached homes that sold in the first 2 weeks were sold in….you guessed it! in 905.

Sales of semi-detached in our fair city SHRANK by 20%.

Unknown But wait!  Average Sale Prices SOARED by 18% compared to last year….and that INCLUDED the sale of condos, which are more digestibly priced than houses in the city.

Condo sales are UP BY 17% for all you “non-believers” in the health of this segment of the market.  However, thankfully, prices are up by “a mere” 6%.  A healthier balance to be sure, but there ARE areas and buildings that are just as HOT and in a Seller’s market as the freehold home segment.

The “holdback” on listings suggests there will be a significant uptick in listings for September.  That said, I don’t expect the extreme thirst being experienced by home buyers will be nearly quenched!  Stay tuned! and please let me know how I can help YOU today!

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